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Here at Agogo, our mission is to create and deliver tailored mobile marketing solutions for our clients. Our unique approach ensures that we truly understand your business model and identify the best solution to connect and embrace your target audience, in a cost-effective manner. The mobile future is now and we want to empower SMEs with the best tools to leverage this ever-growing audience. We exist to help you grow your business and deliver much needed revenues to boost your bottom line.

Why Agogo is Different

Innovative and mobile-savvy

Mobile is part of our DNA. And as a small business ourselves, we truly understand the needs and requirements of the SME sector to provide you with an innovative solution for your mobile strategy.

The people of Agogo


Hyperlocal & Proximity

Hyper Local Marketing

Local is personal

Simply put, making your product or service available to a specific lifestyle sector or locality. With 166 million users accounting for 68.8% mobile market penetration (comScore, March 2014 US Smartphone Subscribers Market Share), ignoring this audience could have disastrous consequences.

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Proximity Marketing

Agogo means local

Beacons are used to emit a Bluetooth signal to consumers’ mobile phones when they are in the vicinity of your store, which can help to drive foot traffic and engage your customers. These devices allow for optimized marketing precision and can target customers within a 320 feet radius.

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Optimized for Mobile

The number one device is mobile phone

The future is mobile and it’s here to stay. These devices offer the most personal, convenient and persuasive medium to interact with your target audience. Organizations must embrace this technology and devise a custom mobile strategy to secure their existence and long-term growth.

24x7x365 Access
Manage your account, monitor your campaigns and view your results in real-time. Make changes on the fly whenever you need to and see the rewards of your efforts.
Deliver Engaging Content
Make sure your message makes it through the email deluge people receive daily. Be relevant, timely and highlight your proposition to peak their interest!
Boost Client Retention
A satisfied client is a happy one, and the best advert you can possibly have. Tailor your campaigns and make sure you fulfil their every need.
Optimize Client LTV
Embrace the digital world to develop lasting relationships with your customers. Give them information, the way they want to receive it, at the most convenient time.

Local is Personal

Clients will be just a tap away from you

The local marketplace is undergoing a revolution. Gone are the days of flicking through consumer directories, replaced by the dawn of location-enabled smartphones.

Consumers have grown to accept this new medium and have embraced this interactive way to satisfy their needs on a truly personal level.

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